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This year has been tough. We have two hours of Sunday School and our Wednesday SONY DSCnight Missions/ Bible Drill. We needed tons of workers because so many were resigning. Both hours (6 classes) for two year olds were vacant except one teacher. I needed eleven new teachers and that was only one age group. All this was discovered as school ended and summer started. Did I mention summer was crazy busy and I would be gone to the other side of the world to lead a mission VBS for over two weeks?

I began to pray. First, I said, “Lord, this is your church and I know you see what’s happening so I hope you have a plan. I don’t.” I soon discovered all that sass and drama was a bad idea. I needed some humility. I continued reading the word, worshiping and praying, asking God to give direction, to give me a plan. I was really stuck and lots of kids and our church were depending on me to give leadership and be ready by August 17.

The Lord began to reveal a plan to me. I have never done this before but times have changed and people have changed so I need to change. Here is what I did:

  • Calendar- I met with my team to calendar this plan so other people and resources could be coordinated.
  • Publicity- Created positive publicity for three weeks. I made three video announcements. I featured wonderful teachers who have served over 40 years (people applauded- they should), faithful new teachers with pictures of happy kids (so few people in our church ever see in the classrooms), and my one remaining teacher from a two year olds class who welcomed a child with special needs and the family joined because of her.
  • Phone Calls- My associates created all the new class rolls and I began calling parents (Hours and hours of calls). My family was tired of it. I was tired of it. Actually my attitude was deteriorating very fast. As I drove my truck to work and in the office, I exclaimed, “I hate enlisting workers! Enlisting SUCKS!” (Although it’s true, I should have resisted the fit throwing a little more.). Here’s the key- When I called the people (whom I did not know), I introduced myself and why I was calling. Next, I asked them to think about it and I would call back in a couple of weeks. I didn’t want an answer right now. It made asking so much easier. I started the calling after VBS and they could think about it while I was in East Asia.
  • Letters- We wrote letters to send parents, previous preschool and children’s workers, camp sponsors, VBS workers, and new members. The letters went out while I was away. People could respond to me by email. I left lots of messages with my cell number too. I wanted to be personally available to them. I got replies by email and text while I was away. Some declined and some joined our team. Actually, I am still getting replies this week.
  • Announcements- We had a nice advertisement for workers needed and printed in the church publications for about three weeks. That’s enough. It only annoys people after that.
  • Prayer groups- Our team prayed together, our staff prayed together, our teachers prayed together. I would call people to pray about this. NO DRAMA! Let me be clear. I gave them the facts and explained I am trusting God. Please join me in prayer about this.
  • Substitute Teachers- We started on Promotion Sunday only needing 12 more workers. Three of the four hours were completely staffed! Praise God!!

Today- Only three positions are left. I continue to call and follow-up but God has provided in such a wonderful way that it brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. He really does fit the church together perfectly!

Take courage, He will provide! How has God provided workers for you?

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