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Although the days are still hot, I smile as I watch the school bus drive by my house each morning.  Summer vacation is over and school is back in session.  Yea!!!  It has been a terrific summer of new experiences and drama (good and bad) but now we can all settle into a routine that brings order to our lives.  This is my favorite time of year!  It kind of feels like a summer hangover or something (not that I know what a hangover feels like…).  Over Labor Day weekend, I found myself sleeping late, waking for a meal then back to sleep in the chair for a nap until the next meal.  I did accomplish a few needed tasks like mowing the lawn.  I was glad the neighbors didn’t join together in the street to applaud my effort since the grass was so ridiculously high. 

 Here’s the good and bad of summer 2013:

  • Mission trip to East Asia and several children accepted Christ.  (Amazing and eye-opening!)
  • Started my Doctorial Studies for Children’s Ministry. (I must be a nut case!)
  • My computer was stolen. (Still whining about stuff I lost on that machine.)
  • Speaking at events every week for 6 weeks- Last two weekends in Dallas.  Michigan & Midland, TX Sept 13-17.
  • Buying Shoes and Socks like a crazy man. (Might need and intervention or some steps-Ha!)
  • My new children’s book at the printer.  (Should be released this fall.)

There are many new things starting now:

  • Promotion Day kicked-off with 435 kids. (Wow!  Need more workers!)
  • Still enlisting workers for Sunday Morning (Need more workers!)
  • Wednesday night Kicked-off (Quail Kids). We use Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills (T-shirt was printed wrong).
  • Church Weekday started this week (It was fun to watch parents crying while kids played.)

Checklist right now! Have you done these things yet?

  • Equip Classrooms
  • Clean out Resource Rooms
  • Update all class rolls and prospect lists
  • Finish enlisting workers (including greeters, subs and list of rescue workers)
  • Send publicity about Wednesday night programs
  • Next summer dates ready to be calendared and confirmed
  • New Christians Class for kids
  • First Grade Bible Presentation scheduled
  • Upwards Basketball enrollment
  • Faster than the Pastor 5K Run (Kids Fun Run)
  • Light the Night- Halloween Alternative
  • Order Christmas Missions Material

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