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I have a chalk boards hanging on my wall and they are used as the Parking Lot.  We often think of really terrific ideas we can implement in the Kid Min and if I don’t write them down, I will forget.  My memory really stinks! 

BTW-Yours does too.

Create a parking lot for your ideas and here are a few to consider for your Kids Ministry.

  • Create inexpensive refrigerator magnets
  • Children’s Ministry Photo Gallery on bulletin board and church websiteidea
  • Choose a slogan- “Serving Children with Joy,” “Teach a Child, Grow a Life”
  • Provide the church secretary with a steady stream of information.
  • Poster around the church (move them around often)
  • Ask music minister to use a song the children know (teach it to the congregation)
  • Create a prayer team
  • Display children’s artwork
  • Place a TV in a traffic area and play a children’s session pre-recorded
  • Interview a children’s worker during the worship service
  • Host an open house for the congregation to see the children’s space
  • List each month the staffing needs in church publications and emails

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