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Here’s a creative way to keep up with prayer topics or prayer requests. This can be made as a personal prayer weaving or as a Sunday School class prayer board. 


  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • Scissors 
  • Yarn or twine 
  • Ruler and pen 
  • Colorful strips of paper 


  1. Take a piece of cardboard and mark every ½ inch on two opposite sides (across from each other).
  2. Use scissors to cut a small incision on each mark. 
  3. Tape the twine onto the back of the cardboard and bring it through the the cut notch, wrapping around each notch until the cardboard is covered.   
  4. Write your prayer requests/topics on the colorful strips of paper and weave them onto the weaving board.   

Many parents are looking for answers to hard questions like:
~ How do I get my kids to respect me and others?
~ Why does my beautiful daughter scream and throw fits?
~ Can you help me figure out why my son won’t use common sense?
~ Seems like my discipline doesn’t work. What am I supposed to do?

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone and Mr. Mark can help. Mr. Mark weaves practical tips parents can follow, with humorous stories from his personal experience to encourage and equip parents. Watch these videos at home with your spouse or gather a small group at church to enjoy the series for four weeks. Parenting is A Choice is available in our bookstore in DVD or CD format.

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