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Hello Mark!

We are working right now on supplying our Pre-Kindergarten class room for Sunday School.  We have the books that come with the literature but not sure how to store them for use later.  We would like other books that are appropriate for our book center too.  Do you have any suggestions?


Thank you so much for your help!!!

In Christ,

Teaching in Kansas


Hey Kansas—

Here is what I do.

I have eight separate magazine holders/ file folder storage from an office supply store.  Each month the lessons in that unit support a concept area so learners are covering the Bible in an organized and systematic approach.  Each  magazine holder is labeled with a concept area.    I save the books that come in the leader pack in the concept area we taught that month. Especially if the kids in my class liked the book.  When the concept area is taught again I have some previous books to pull from.  If you buy books or collect books, remove all the popular cartoon characters and the like since that becomes a huge distraction from our learning goal of the day, then place the books in the categories of Concept Areas.


You can also place these collections in the resource room for all preschool classes to use if there is not space in every classroom.  A cost saving tip would be to use eight cereal boxes: cut off the top of the box about an inch down and diagonal cuts on both front and back about five inches from the bottom.  This will create the same shape as the store bought magazine/ file storage unit.  Cover the box with contact paper and label the concept area.  That is cheaper but I promise it is easier to purchase the magazine/ file storage at an office supply store.  I hope this makes sense and it is helpful.  Maybe some other ideas can be shared about this post that will benefit us both.

Here are the Concept Areas:



Community Helpers






* Remember that all pack items, games and ideas can be organized & stored by Concept Area for greater organization.


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