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by: Alice Brooks



These are organization suggestions that help me plan ahead.  Customize your notebook to be set-up in the easiest form for your personal use. It always feels good to have things planned out.


I.           Binder inside pocket                       (front)

A.  Teacher’s book

B.  Ringed-page protector:  songs, center set-ups, group-time      notes

II.  Page protector for address and phone numbers:  church; substitute teacher; teacher assistant, other contacts, classroom information


III.  Page protector or pocket page for ‘teacher helps’


IV. Page protector for ‘instruction sheet’ from packet


V. Month 1 of quarter

A.  Baggies with daily activity/game pieces

(could be pocket pages or divided scrapbooking pages, etc.)

B.  Page protector for Door poster,  Books for the month

C.  Page protector for each week

Teaching picture,   Daily Verse,  Take-home pages

Labeled Week 1—Week 5

D.  ETC pages

VI. Month 2 (Same)


VII. Month 3 (Same)


VI. Contact section


A.  Page protector for Class roll  (or pocket page)

B.  Page protector with sheet to record contacts and comments  (or pocket page)

C.  Baggie to hold postcards

VII. Note pad and pen in back pocket for notes and/or things to remember


VIII.  Save large packet bag for the large game boards, maps, pictures.

This will protect them from becoming dirty.


** This notebook is easily varied to fit the personal ease and use of each teacher/user.


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