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Materials needed: 

  • two pieces of different green construction paper
  • scissors
  • Elmer’s glue
  • orange pom poms
  • tiny brown and green pom poms
  • marker

Fold one of the pieces of construction paper in half and cut from the folded center toward the outside edge, stopping about an inch from the edge.  Repeat about 7 times, making the strips around ¾ of an inch apart.  Open up the sheet.  The sheet will have long cut lines from one side to the other, but have about an inch margin around the edge with no cuts. 

Make random width cuts from one edge to the other on the light green construction paper.  These are  your weaving strips. 

Show the children how to weave the paper strips through and up and over the cut lines in the other sheet of paper.  After they get all of their page woven, put a dot of glue at the end of each strip to hold it.  This is your pumpkin patch!  Using the marker, write your memory verse across your “field.” 

Choose pumpkins (pom poms) and glue them in lines on your “pumpkin patch.”

Optional: Glue eyes on your pumpkins, use green yarn or ribbon to make a vine. Use plain paper and pumpkin stickers for younger preschoolers.   


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