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Put up the Christmas Tree and Think Vacation Bible School!

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a Christmas tree still up, lights on the house, and every nativity displayed.  I’ve been too busy trying to eat everything good before the New Year started and my diet kicked off.  Before you send counseling references to me, please know we have a plan to pack it up before we have to start 1dusting it like the rest of the furniture.

I have been packing and preparing for Vacation Bible School Preview events.  I enjoyed writing the Decorating Made Easy book for LifeWay again this year and now I get to see friends and show them my ideas.  Please let me know if you will be attending Ridgecrest NC, Fort Worth TX or Nashville TN.  I have packed and shipped a couple of skids with awesome ideas, so bring your camera!!

If you cannot be at any of these events, I will be posting ideas each Friday in January and in February.  Send me your ideas too and I can post them on Fridays.  This is where we share ideas to make our VBS events awesome without breaking the bank or our spirit!

2Check out the Treehouse and Trees I have available in my store.  Basically, you turn a card table upside down on a cement mold (Lowes).  Wrap the cement mold (tube) with the tree bark panel.  Open the legs of the table to stand in the air.  Tape each panel to the legs as a frame to make the wooden sides of the treehouse.  Add a cover on top and you’re done.  Tree panels are also available for creating the forest.  Roll these up to be used in the future as needed.  Maybe this will help when you’re decorating.

Printable Tree House Instructions

*These decorations are available now but there is a limited amount.

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