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Children enjoy choosing a wooden puzzle to work. A picture of the puzzle is helpful for a child especially if she is unfamiliar with the puzzle. Photograph each puzzle; print copies of the photos.  Consider preparing a “pocket” for each puzzle. Attach the matching photo inside the puzzle pocket.


Supplies for Puzzle Pockets:

  • binder pockets available at office supply stores*
  • address labels
  • printed copies of puzzle photos
  • stapler and staples

*Binder pockets may also be ordered from




1. Prepare a binder pocket for each wooden puzzle.

2. Use address labels to print names for puzzles.

3. Attach labels to binder pockets.

4. Staple photos inside binder pocket.

5. Insert puzzles in pockets.

6. Place puzzle pockets in a puzzle rack, on a shelf, or on a table.

Teaching Tips:

  • A teacher can guide a child to remove the pieces one at a time and place the pieces on the left side of the puzzle. (Moving the puzzle pieces from left to right helps develop reading readiness.)
  • Call attention to the photograph of the puzzle to describe the picture.
  • Talk to the child about the puzzle. Listen as he mentions something about the puzzle picture.
  • Open the Bible to 1 Thessalonians 4:11 and read Work with your hands.  Talk about ways the child uses his hands to work the puzzle. Affirm the child for using his hands to complete the puzzle.

Bonus Idea: Remove the puzzle pieces, and then drop the pieces inside the puzzle pockets. Place the puzzle pockets on the table with the empty frames. Encourage a child to choose a pocket, look at the picture, and work the puzzle in the frame.


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