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Plan different ways to involve children in puzzle activities such as covering the puzzles. A child’s curiosity will lead him to discover what is hidden under the cover.

Choose a variety of puzzles about Jesus to focus on His birth, life, and ministry.jesus

What to Gather:

  • five puzzles about Jesus
  • five pieces of paper to cover the puzzles
  • washable markers or computer for printing
  • letters

Put It Together

Arrange five puzzles on a table. Print letters on pieces of paper to spell J-E-S-US. Cover the

puzzles with the paper. (See illustration.) As a child notices the covered puzzles, guide him to choose one letter and then uncover the puzzle. Talk about the Bible story represented by the puzzle picture. Open the Bible to locate the Bible story. Invite other children to work puzzles.

Bonus Idea: Use the letters for a group time activity. Mix and distribute the letters to five children. Ask the children to arrange themselves in a line to spell the word J-E-S-U-S. Repeat the activity to allow other children to use the letters.

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