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Children enjoy working wooden puzzles such as the box puzzles available from LifeWay Christian Resources. Each box contains four different Bible story puzzles with a section for each puzzle. The lid can be used for the base of a puzzle.

Work with your hands (1 Thessalonians 4:11) reminds boys and girls that God gave us hands to enjoy do many things.

Supplies for Puzzles and Bags Activity:Illustration for Bags for Puzzles

  • Box Puzzle (such as Life of Jesus, Jesus’ Miracle, Creation, David, Life of Moses, and Peter
  • 4 gift bags
  •  letters for bags
  • 4 foam sheets, cut to match puzzle size


1. Print alphabet letters on the front of each bag or use stick-on letters. (The box puzzle pieces are identified by letters or shapes.)

2.  Remove puzzles from the box and place one puzzle in each bag.

3.  Cut foam sheets to make a base for each puzzle. Place the foam sheets under the bags on a table. (See picture.)

4.  Stack the box near the bags. Pictures of each puzzle are shown on the box.

Teaching Tips:

  • Describe the puzzle activity by pointing to the individual bags and the empty box.
  • Talk about the Bible stories. Open the Bible to the reference for one of the  stories and say, “Someone read this Bible story and made a picture and a puzzle.
  • When all of the puzzles have been worked on the foam sheets, ask questions about the Bible stories.
  • Guide the children to put the puzzle pieces back in the bags to be ready for others to work the puzzles.

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