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Supplies for Making a Rain Stick:

  • cardboard mailing tube with cap
  • straight pins
  • brown contact plastic and scissors
  • sand or salt, about 1/4 cup
  • clear mailing tape

Think about the soft sounds of rain falling. Re-create the sounds by making a rain stick. Imagine a child holding the rain stick and listening to the sounds of rain.The rain stick can be used to greet a child at the door, in the learning centers, or in group time.God sends the rain (Jeremiah 5:24).


1.   Start at the top to push straight pins in a row around the mailing tube. Drop down to start another row, staggering the pins to keep from placing them directly under the ones in the

above row. Continue making rows with the straight pins until you get to the bottom of the mailing tube   (Note: Small pliers maybe be used to make it easier to push the straight pins

into the tube. Pins need to be pushed until only the top is showing.)

2.   Cut a piece of brown contact plastic to fit around the mailing tube. Remove the back

of the self-adhesive paper and wrap the brown piece around  the tube to cover the pins.

This will hold the pins in place and make the cardboard tube look more like a “stick.”

3.     Pour 1/4 cup of sand or salt inside the tube. Attach the cap with clear mailing tape.

4.    Slowly turn the stick upside down to hear the rain sounds.


Teaching Tips:

  • Use the rain stick to make a connection to the Bible story “God Took Care of Elijah (1 Kings 17:1-16).
  • Talk about the beautiful world God made (Genesis 1) and mention rain and ways water is used for people, animals, and things that grow.
  • Invite a child to listen to the rain stick when you greet him at the door. Say:  “God gives you ears to hear. Thank You, God,  for Mark’s ears.”
  • Open the Bible to Jeremiah 5:24 to read God sends the ____. (Pause to listen to the rain stick sounds as the children say, “rain.”



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