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  • Round swim noodle 
  • Scalloped swim noodle 
  • Large knife (leader use only) 
  • Gold tees (4 per child) 
  • Index cards 
  • Toothpicks 
  • Koosh balls 
  • Markers 


  • Cut the swim noodles into 3½-inch pieces. 
  • Cut a slice about ¼-inch deep across the length of the round noodle pieces. 
  • Cut the scalloped noodles into ¼-inch slices 


  • Insert the 4 golf tees into the bottom (opposite the slice) of the round noodle to form the legs.  
  • Place the scalloped noodle slice on the front of the round noodle.  Push the toothpick into the koosh ball, through the hole in the scalloped noodle slice and into the round noodle to hold the flower in place.  
  • Print Happy Mother’s Day on the card.  Slide the card into the cut at the top of the noodle. 



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