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I can’t remember the last time I had such a relaxing Saturday kicked back in my recliner comfy socks, stretchy pants and hoodie. I was just spending a quiet Saturday weddingafternoon watching a movie and snacking without a care in the world when it happened.  My wife’s cell phone dinged.  She casually picked it up and screamed, “OH NO!!!!”  I nearly chocked on my popcorn!  I totally bought into her panic and began inventorying our children to see if everyone was present because her death scream meant bad, bad, bad trouble.

She shouted, “You FORGOT!!” You can imagine my fear as I buckled in pain without knowing my fate.  With a lump in my throat, I shouted back, “What???  I forgot WHAT???” She was reading the text then looked at me with a look of terminal doom.  I pleaded again, “W-h-a-t??????”  She finally spilled the beans and announced, “You forgot the wedding!  They are all there and wondering where you are.  You gotta change and get over there NOW!”

My adrenalin went from 0 to 10 Zillion in one text ding.  I announced, “You’re going with me!  I’m not going to be late alone.”  As we raced to change clothes, I said from my closet, “You need to text back that we are going to be an hour late.”  “AN HOUR LATE?” she shouted to me from her closet.   “Yes, I need to drive to the church (35-40 minutes away) and get my wedding book,” I informed her.  “CAN’T YOU JUST WING IT!” came back quickly.  Honestly, I considered it but made the better decision to get the book since I don’t have the vows or ring ceremony memorized.  I wasn’t scared to try, but my over confidence doesn’t always pay off like being prepared.  It was a good idea to get the book.

As I arrived to the home where the wedding was hosted (it wasn’t in a church in case you were imagining an organist playing for the past hour and mothers sitting in place), I opened the door and asked an elderly lady sitting alone and looking at me, “Is this where a wedding is today?”  She replied, “I think so but it hasn’t happened yet.”  Someone saw me and announced in a loud voice, “The preacher is finally here.  Let’s do this.”

Have you ever forgot something like this?  What was it?  I could use a friend.

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