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Hey Mark,I was wondering if you had any ideas or knew of anyone who has used a good idea to recruit teachers for Sunday School and Wednesday night activities. We are having a problem with people being “too busy” and as I sit down and think about all of the “reasons” people give me for not teaching, they are all “worldly” (i.e. “I am in School right now, maybe when I am done.” Or “We go to the lake on that day”) I don’t know if they don’t realize that they are choosing worldly activities over Godly ones or what. Just wanted to see if you had any ideas. Thank you so much for your help.


Mr. Frustrated


This is tough! I have heard junk like this and just wanted to beat my head against the wall. My suggestion is to move on and stop dwelling on those responses. Before you start trying to manipulate folks and guilt people into working with kids, pause and take a while to pray.

You can get some substitute teachers to take it for a while. Here are a few things to consider:

  •  Pray to the Lord of the harvest. He is fitting the church together perfectly and has a plan. He is dealing with    others about this issue and you need to join Him in this ministry.
  •  What is the program about? Describe the position you are trying to fill. Do the people know your vision?  Write about it and publicize it in a very positive way so there is good awareness. Is it something you need to step  in and do for a month to become more aware of the needs?
  •  Does special training and focus need to be provided from you as the leader?
  •  What do parents have to say about the class?
  •  Make a list of people you have seen work with kids in VBS, camp or with their own kids or grandkids. Have  you observed anyone that loves kids and might be a good match with kids?
  •  After praying over these people, or person, go ask them to pray about it. Not looking for an answer, just          pray about it. Go back in a week or so.
  •  Always take “No” just a graciously as yes.
  •  Never run down people at ballgames or in the church hallway and flippantly ask them to work. Ask them to lunch  or visit their home so they will know how important this is.
  •  Work at building relationships with others. People like working for a leader that knows them, trust them  and inspires them by the work they are doing.
  •  Be patient. Staff the classes with subs but ask them for only four weeks of substituting then let them go or you  will burn bridges.

No need to worry! God already has a plan and the sooner you join Him the happier you’ll be.

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