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  • 12” metal wreath form (Hobby Lobby – $2.99) 
  • 10-12 red/white printed plastic shopping bags (Target sacks work great!) 
  • Ribbon or Bow 
  • Chenille Stems


This is the ultimate Christmas recycle craft! HOW MANY TARGET SACKS TO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE? (ha ha!) This is a great craft idea for older children to make themselves, or for younger ones with help. 

Look at your wreath form. Notice that there are five sections. There are three rows that go all the way around.  You’re going to use two sacks (or more) in each section, and pull each sack equally through the three rows.   


Make It:

  1. Lay your sack out flat, with the red printed side up. Pick up the sack on the bottom corner (not the handles) and pull it through one of the outside spaces about five inches. 
  2. Now, pull more of the sack through the middle space about five inches.
  3. Pull the remainder of the sack through the space closest to the middle. Fluff the sack out and arrange it, and tuck any extra back in (like the handles).  
  4. Repeat this, pulling at least two sacks through each section.  At the end, fluff and twist the sacks to make it appear more full. 
  5. Make a bow with the ribbon. Attach the bow to the wreath by twisting a chenille stem to the wreath form in the center. 
  6. Use another Chenille stem for a hanger by bending it in half and then twisting it to the wreath form.   


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