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I’m sure this is a problem for you too.  I have three separate families that have retained their children in school but just decided

to let them promote a grade in Sunday school.  Of course they are not mentioning this to me.  We have children attending multiple elementary schools so it is difficult to know information like this.  I think these parents have acted wisely by giving the child another year of growing and learning.  We have retained three of my four kids and I’m so glad we did.

I’m guessing the parents have put up a struggle with the child and feels bad so they inform the child that they can just promote at church with the other children in their class and that will make up for the hardship felt from repeating kindergarten at school.  Oh, by the way, let’s not tell your teacher or Mr. Mark.  Sound familiar?

So promotion is in August and Wednesday night classes kick off and rolling right along.  Then in September, someone spills the beans, “Hanna’s in Kindergarten.” Thanks Mom and Dad.  When I call the home to confront the cover-up, they are outraged and I’m the devil. Why am I picking on them?  I carefully explain the kindergarten class is created for early childhood learners and first grade follows a different standard to effectively grow with the child as she begins reading and growing in many areas of development.  All that falls on deaf ears because “I’m the devil!”

I then resort to plan B.  Children are very resilient and adapt quickly.  They are actually more resilient than adults when it comes to change.  Just simply

explain she will be attending the kindergarten class with her friends at school and be decisive and follow through.  The child will follow your lead.  “Are you kidding me? I have been a member of this church for years and all of my family are members too.  We all grow up here and were baptized here.  This is our church and we know what’s best for our kids Mr. Devil Man!” (That’s not really what she said, it’s just what I heard.)

Let’s try Plan C for this wonderful Mother that can’t just be the grown up and lead her child with integrity and honesty.  “I know this is not easy for you, and I want to give you some time to think about it.  Please remember that if your child continues to attend the wrong grade in Sunday school, she will not be allowed to go to camp, move up to the youth department and will suffer greater humiliation than attending the Kindergarten SS class again.  I’ll let you think about it and call back in a week or so.

Results-  I would love to report that I was able to work all this out but I live in the real world like you.  One child moved back to the correct class, one child is still in the wrong place and mom is avoiding me like I am the devil and the third parent will not answer the phone.  I want to say, “Seriously? You’re doing the right thing in school. Now finish doing  the right thing at church and quit putting so much energy into something that will continue to haunt you.  It’s not worth it Lady!”. Of course I would say it in Christian love.

What’s your story?  Comment now and give me your advice.

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