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  • Mini craft sticks 
  • Tape 
  • Paint (white, black & brown) 
  • Orange craft foam 
  • Wiggle eyes 
  • Scissors 
  • Small sealable storage bag

Prepare:  The teaching steps listed below may be rearranged to save time as pieces of the puzzle are drying.   


  1. Set one craft stick aside. Tape four craft sticks to the table, side by side. The tape should be about ¾ inch from the top. 
  2. Paint the portion above the tape brown. 
  3. Now take the single craft stick and paint one side of the stick brown.
  4. When the paint is dry turn the four taped sticks over and repeat painting the portion above the tape black. 
  5. Paint the back of the single brown stick black and let dry. 
  6. When this paint is dry on the other sticks, move the tape to cover the part you just painted and paint the lower portion of the sticks white. 
  7. Draw a scarecrow mouth on the brown hat side and a snowman mouth on the black hat side. 
  8. Draw and cut out a small carrot from the orange craft foam for the snowman’s nose. 
  9. Cut a small triangle for the scarecrow’s nose. 
  10. Store all of the pieces along with two wiggle eyes into the sealable bag.


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