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Get Around -The Mercantile (2)

I have had a wonderful time these past few months seeing friends and visiting new places.  It’s not a secret that I am a fan of the Pioneer Woman on Food Network.  I love it that she is right here in Oklahoma (the middle of nowhere is right).  I love reading her blog and seeing some of the great pictures she takes, so I thought I would share some of my pictures.  Here we are at the Mercantile.  It’s the new store and restaurant by Ree Drummond.  Zac, Kodi, Wes, Connie and I drove up to Pawhuska and stood in line for a long time, but it was well worth it.  Delicious!!  We played games in the waiting line, saw most of her family, won prizes, and I was called an official SUPER FAN. (All caps for added drama.) 

Get Around -Kodi and Ladd (2)

Kodi happened to see Ladd so we snapped a pic.  They are the nicest people ever and my pastor Dr. Hance Dilbeck is from there.  He’s a Pawhuska Huskie, but I never call him that.  I just call him sir.


Get Around - Ridgecrest NC

I was invited to attend a wonderful meeting in Ridgecrest, NC with all these wonderful people who also serve their states around the nation.  That’s the Texas lady right below me. (Get it?- I’m Oklahoma. Diane Lane).  Our friends at LifeWay Christian Resources treated us to wonderful food that night.  They gave us current research, challenging scripture, and amazing resources that will have a powerful difference on ministry to kids.  Thank you LifeWay for caring so much and working so hard to equip us with the best for reaching families.  Thank you for your friendship!


Get Around - David Anderson

During the meeting I spotted my great friend David Anderson serving the state of Louisiana sitting behind me.  He was talking (of course).  David is originally from OK.  I remind him as often as possible even though he is spoiled with incredible food and friends in LA.

Get Around - Amy and Wes

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, we had a huge planning meeting for Mr. Mark’s Classroom 2017.  Wow, there is so much coming!  I hope you’re ready, because all kinds of greatness is headed your way.  Plan to attend the Kid Min 411 virtual conference on April 11.  It is free, and we are announcing a new thing that will knock your socks off!!

I appreciate my team and all they do to keep up with my idea churn.  Thanks Amy, Wes, Kodi, Jodi and Rick!  You guys mean the world to me! 

Now, register for The Sharpen Conference if you wanna get in.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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