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  • Salt
  • Colored chalk
  • Clear seal-able bags (sandwich or snack size)
  • Clear plastic container with lid (small-travel size jar will work great)
  • Toothpick
  • Baker’s twine
  • Scissors

Pour a small amount of salt in to the clear bags and seal the bags.


  1. Invite children to choose a piece of colored chalk to add to each bag of salt.
  2. Massage the bags until all the salt is the color of the chalk.
  3. Have an adult cut off a small bottom corner of the bag.
  4. The child can funnel various colors/layers of salt to the container.
  5. A toothpick can be inserted next to the edge to make a pattern.
  6. When the pattern is finished help the child place the lid on the container.
  7. Tie strands of baker’s twine around the neck of the container.
Salt art

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