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Fall comes with holidays like Halloween, which can be scary. Personally, I prefer to promote Bible learning, not things like Halloween that take us off course. It can be fun celebrating seasons and holidays, but I want to look for the “Bible” message in those times as well. I think we should leave the witches, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns out of the church. Other fall themes that include bats, spiders and scarecrows can be made to be scary too, so make those choices carefully. We know God made the bats and spiders. He blesses us with the crops and harvest too, so look for the positive spin on those things. Maybe this scarecrow art will be a help.

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper plates (I used yellow plates.)
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Brown construction paper or grocery bags
  • Orange construction paper or foam
  • Black marker
  • Wiggle eyes (optional)


  1. Kids can tear pieces of the brown construction paper and glue it to the plate to make the face. 
  2. Create the hay hair by tracing around both of the child’s hands on yellow paper.
  3. Cut out the paper hands and glue on of the head. 
  4. Cut out a hat and glue it on top of the head covering part of the hair.
  5. Color a hatband (or cut out a strip of another color).
  6. Draw a “hashtag” on the hat to resemble a straw hat. 
  7. Glue on an orange nose and two wiggle eyes. 
  8. Draw a smile mouth.

Option- Use burlap fabric pieces instead of brown paper which will be a good texture to feel.

Display the scarecrows in your classroom or the hallway. Consider asking parents to provide a long sleeve shirt and pants to build a scarecrow body. Find fabric bolts from the store (usually they throw them away) to use for the body. Stuff the clothes with a few Wal-Mart bags to sound like hay inside. Add a little raffia coming out the cuffs and pant legs and tied with a little jute string. Send the scarecrows home before October 31 so they can be displayed and enjoyed at home too.

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