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I hope you will enjoy this encore podcast about starting a new year of school and a new year of classes at church. I have been teaching Kindergarten each week, as well as fourth graders on Wednesday nights. I am loving my time to build relationships with the children and teaching the Bible. Building relationships with the kindergarteners has been such a blessing because in the next couple of years they will be coming to chat about Jesus’s plan of salvation and we will already have a trust built that will aid in our conversations.

In this podcast, I discuss several items to consider in starting a new year. We have people already asking when camp will be next year and if VBS dates are set yet? This means we need to be working ahead. Secure those dates before other groups get them.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the items I mention that will need your attention. Thank you for all you are doing in Kid’s Ministry. Your life is a gift to this generation so go and make it count!


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