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  • White construction paper 
  • Oil pastels 
  • Black acrylic paint 
  • Plastic tablecloth 
  • Bamboo stick 

Prepare: None 


  1. Cover the table with a plastic tablecloth. 
  1. Have each student color every bit of the white construction paper, leaving no white showing. 
  1. Paint over the entire piece of construction paper all the way to the edges. 
  1. Let the paint dry completely. 
  1. Using the bamboo stick, scrape out an image making it look like stained glass. 

New Downloadable, Printable VBS Doodle Art Coloring Pages!!

The VBS Doodle Art Posters (3 x 3’) are now available in 8.5 x 11” coloring pages. 

Download now and make all the copies you want so kids have a daily bonus activity to complete in crafts when they have spare time left over or to send home and enjoy.  The different ocean scenes will provide plenty of variety as well as the teaching point each day of VBS.  The bonus lighthouse page has the VBS theme verse so kids can use it to help them memorize the verse throughout the week and it makes a great coloring contest for inviting kids to VBS.  Print your church information and VBS dates on the back with instructions to return the completed coloring page for a prize and be registered in the VBS drawing for a grand prize!  One purchase, immediate download, and copy all you want to promote and support your VBS this year!!

Get your VBS Doodle Art Coloring Pages here!

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