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Fall Tree

On brown paper trace the child’s hand and part of their arm. Then, have the child cut it out.  (Depending on the age of the child, they may need some help with cutting.)  This will be the trunk of the tree.  Using round bottles (we used medicine bottles) dip in fall paint colors to make the leaves.  Leaves can be falling or all over the tree, or both!


Fall Pumpkin

Orange and green paint, pumpkin seeds (optional)

Paint a pumpkin orange on your paper.  Use the child’s hands to make the stem.  Paint the child’s hands green and turn the pumpkin upside down so it will be easier on the child to place their hands.  After pressing their hands, just add a stem in the middle.  Adding pumpkin seeds would make it fun!


Fall Wreath

Cut out the middle of a paper plate. You can have the children paint the paper plate brown if you would like or leave it white. (A cereal box would be great too.)  Next, go on a nature walk and pick up all kinds of things that God has made (leaves, sticks, rocks, acorns, grass, etc.).   When you return from your walk, have the children glue the found items onto the paper plate wreath.

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