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Oooohh ya’ll…this is a great edition of the Hoarder!  You know summer is full swing and ever’body ben getting’ their tan on I’m sure, but ya’ll…Sunday School must go on!  The big kids got some good stuff comin’ their way with shakers, beads, and more.  Learning a Bible verse has probably never been this fun in the history of ever or the history of fun.  I’m just sayin’, it’s guh-ood!   Get the paint out for them preschool rascals.  Do not be afraid.  Be prepared, but not afraid.  Paintin’ is really good for them kiddos big and small.  Remember, they don’t get to do stuff like this at home.  AND, the preschool writer has written an ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, PHENOMENONLY AMAZING idea to remember when using paint that just might make ya more inclined to do it.  CHECK…IT…OUT…!!

It’s been nice talkin’ to ya, but I gotta Shake, Rattle, and Goooo…and you gotta read on!!


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