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Cooperation is the name! 

Workers who will be sharing a room need to meet together to make decisions about how the room will be used. Remember it is not just a Sunday School room, it is not a kid’s choir room, and it is not a weekday program room. The room is an area at the church used as boys and girls are taught about God and guided toward a saving experience with Jesus and subsequent growth as a Christian. Each children’s worker in any church organization is a part of a team, working to accomplish that goal.

table - sharing space

Flexibility is Key!!

At the beginning of each year, plan a time for all ministries to meet together in the room to discuss resources, furniture, and even just put a face with a name. Then at the end of the year provide a quick lunch for all workers and have them clear out the cabinets. Really clean out – not just push it back further!! By working together everyone benefits and Jesus is honored by cooperative and respectful attitudes.

sharing spaces classroom pic


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