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Book Bundle


Download the books from Mr. Mark’s Classroom for immediate delivery today.  Each of the Idea Notebooks are available for download to your computer and for a super discounted price of $47.97 for all six books.  Sale ends at midnight January 2!

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Here’s what you get: 

  • Kid’s Ministry Time Saver Idea Notebook– Packed with tons of practical quick tip sheets you can use to train teachers, handouts, ideas for holidays and special occasions, forms, and much more.  This is a perfect addition to every Preschool /Children’s Minister’s library. 
  • Bible Skill Boosters– Quick read with photos to explain games for learning Bible verses, books of the Bible, key passages and review games.  Every child’s teacher should be teaching Bible skills to disciple kids and equip them for life-long spiritual learning.  This is a huge help for providing ideas so learning doesn’t get boring and every teacher is equipping kids with Bible skills. 
  • Bible Skills Booster Bonus BookRed Cycle– New this year for the Red Cycle with over 25 game ideas for Bible verses and learning the books of the Bible.   
  • Holiday Ideas 365 Ideas are needed for more than just Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We teach kids all year long and we need good ideas.  This book will answer that need and provide activities and crafts you can use every season.  This is a great teacher companion for a quick read and photos to make planning fast and easy. 
  • Learning Centers Beyond Compare– Preschool teachers are always looking for terrific ideas to make their learning centers more interesting, fun and educational.  This book has over 200 learning center ideas and many are filled with literacy helps for early learning.  The photos and quick read make it easy for teachers to plan without laboring over long printed instructions.  Here are some of our favorite ideas all packed into one book. 
  • Ideas Gone Wild- Sample Book– This sample book is available for anyone who joins our Kid’s Ministry Community at Mr. Mark’s Classroom .  The benefit of getting regular updates and ideas to use in the classroom are much needed.  This is a good resource to be reminded that we are not alone but part of a community of ministers and teachers that are called to teach children the Bible and equip them on their spiritual journey with great purpose and hope.   Encourage your workers to join today and get this free book and inspire them to continue the good work they are doing. 


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