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Farm Scene Decorations


These large vinyl panels range from 4’ x 6’ to 4’x 8’ and they are self-adhesive for easier installation.  I have tested it on sheet-rock walls as well as block walls and the visuals stay in place without curling.

Buy the Bundle to decorate several Classrooms!

This set is temporarily out of stock. Please check back soon.

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Announcing New Classroom Decorations!

Choose from these terrific farm images to decorate your classroom and hallways.  They are printed on large five feet by six feet panels.  The best news is the large panels are adhesive back.  They are a big sticker! Simply cut out the image and stick it to the wall and you are done.  If you prefer stand-up props like these pictured, stick the panel to sheets of cardboard and cut out the image with a sharp utility knife.  Self-standing props in just a few minutes without painting and they store flat for future use like farm theme units in the classroom.


Here I am holding the entire farm scene in my hands and the second picture is everything I was holding now unfolded and set up. Super easy and super fast set-up and clean up!



A simple tip for props to be self-standing is to score the cardboard down the back so it will bend like a hinge and stand on its own.  Larger props like a barn or horse can be stuck to two sheets of cardboard as they lay side by side on the table or floor.  The break between the cardboard sheets will be the hinge.


Panels are filled with a variety of farm animals, hay, barrel, barns, and fence.  Purchase just a couple of panels for a classroom or purchase the entire set for filling several rooms and hallways.









HORSE PANEL – temporarily out of stock, please check back





































The fence looks real!  Both five-foot-long sections come on the same panel to provide a long display of fence.  Looks great as a prop or teachers can stick it to the wall of their classroom to decorate with flowers for spring, leaves for fall and batting as snow for winter.  Many additional items can be added along the fence like names of kids where they place their items in the hall for taking home.  Lead kids to make life-size portraits of themselves sitting on the fence.  It would look good across the front of a classroom under the the whiteboard to decorate a school classroom for the entire year.


I turned one around so you can see the back of the cardboard and how I scored the middle post so it will hinge and stand on its own.





Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

Red Barn Panel (single panel only), Horse Panel (single panel only), Cow Panel (single panel only), Chicken and Brown Barn Panel (single panel only), Fence Panel (single panel only), Farm Bundle (All 5 Barn Panels Pictured)


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