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Lockdown Magnetic Strips


In light of the school shootings in Nashville, I reminded my teachers of our emergency procedures posted near the door in each classroom.  Our doors lock with a key so we use these magnetic strips to open/close the locked door with no problem.  If a lockdown occurs the teacher simply removes the magnetic strip and they are locked inside.
Here are the teacher’s instructions:

*Intruder lockdown means you…
1. Remove the magnetic strip from the door jam so the door will lock.
2. Lower the curtain over the door window. 3.Move all the children to the same wall as the door but as far from the door as possible.
4. Turn off the lights.
5. Turn on the flashlight in the emergency drill box.
6. Give every child a sucker and use the book to read softly as needed.
7. A ministry staff person that you know will give the all clear. If you do not know the voice, don’t move.

We pray this is never needed but please be familiar or even practice with your kids.


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