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Table Top Classroom Set


This all-in-one set is perfect for creating a focal wall & table for your classroom or conference room. This set provides the long narrow crane boxes, sturdy cardboard tube, and large sticker panel (8’ x 4’).  

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Begin by cutting away the red trusses, half of the panel and cut into two sections with four truss sides each. The four sides will wrap around the shipping box used for delivery. The remainder of the panel can be adhered to the construction foam panel to create the props. The left-over portion of the foam panel can be cut into 8’ width strips as legs for the barricade. 

Props include:

  • Cement Truck– This truck 4’ wide which is great on the table or on the floor near the table.
  • Barricade Striped Bars- This barricade is a different color (yellow & black- caution) to add a new look to your space.
  • Slow Sign– Create a teacher hand-held prop by attaching a paint stir stick.
  • Hard Hat Sign– The sturdy cardboard tube inside this shipment is your sign post.
  • Cones- To be used on the table, floor, or near the classroom entrance.
  • Hook– To be used for the table top crane.
  • Table Top Crane- Simply cut a four-truss section and peel away the adhesive film. Using one section of the box (that it was shipped in), cover each side of the box by wrapping the trusses sticker around the box. Repeat with the second section of trusses on the other half of the shipping box. Your two-part crane is done! Display on the table by attaching large stir Sticks to the bottom as flat feet. Add the top part with tape and support the long horizontal arm with a dowel rod supporting it from the table top. The dowel rod prop can be painted silver as the crane cable with the hook taped on the dowel.

Items needed: tablecloth, brick wall or use posters from your leader pack, and construction foam panel.


Additional information

Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 51 × 4.5 × 4.5 in


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