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Fine-Tuning your Teacher Superpower


Teachers have superpowers that really connect with kids, but they may not have discovered them yet. Learn the amazing things you can do that will lead kids to better participation and relationships with you and others.

This video conference refers to children of all ages. 

This product includes one downloadable conference with the corresponding printable handout. 



Let me tell you where your untapped super power is located and how to put it into action.   I really encourage teachers to adjust some thinking and enjoy leading their class with fun activities and interesting Bible study.  Building relationships is key when teaching, so I think you will like my personal stories and useful teacher ideas that I introduce.  The conference is filled with humor and stories they can relate to within their classroom.  Changing the climate of our classrooms to positive and accepting is key to transforming lives.  I have offered a clip of the conference here so you can get a feel for the look and content. I hope you take a look at the clip.


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