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Story Telling is a Lost Art


A great group time can be everyone’s favorite part of the day.  In this conference, you will learn the secret to moving kids from learning centers, cleaning the room, and fun story telling techniques that will capture their attention. Suitable for preschool and elementary teachers. This product includes one downloadable conference with the corresponding printable handout. 



Teachers are aware of the importance of telling Bible Stories but so many feel unequipped.  Even if they have been teaching for years, they often wonder if they are doing it correctly or not.  It is time to speak into the space of storytelling that gives everyone some confidence that they are leading a good large group story time with their class. 

In this training conference, I will explain how to transition kids from activities to large group Bible study without complaining.  We will walk through the parts of a successful large group experience that appeals to kids and teachers and how to lead that effectively.  Suitable for preschool and elementary teachers.

I will explain the value of good storytelling and how to bring the Bible stories to life so you can capture the attention of your students.  Let me show your teachers how to outline the story and lead the class to use their Bibles without begging or embarrassing anyone.  Time is also given to equip teachers of older children with methods for leading kids to start using inductive Bible study.  All these methods are illustrated and explained with personal examples (often humorous) to help teachers grasp this content so they can better understand and implement it in their classroom.  Download the training conference and handout for immediate use.  This is an excellent conference for all new teachers each year too.

Here’s a short clip of the conference. 



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