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Country Clubhouse Shingled Roof


This very charming “pitched roof” clubhouse decoration removes all the work of painting or coloring the wood planks and no mess making shingles out of construction paper.



All you need are scissors, tape and a sharp utility knife.  This clubhouse can be created in only 30 minutes and it looks like something that took hours to make.

Detailed Instructions:
Gather two sheets of cardboard (4’x8′) or construction foam panels.

shingled-3 shingled-2

Add the door panel on the bottom of the vertical cardboard.  Cut along the side of the door panel and top where it opens.  Add small loops of Mavalus Tape along the back top of the panel and fix it to the cardboard.

Now, add more loops of tape in a row across the back just above the door opening then smooth that row onto the cardboard.  Next, add tape loops on the back working down the side of the door toward the bottom and smooth on the cardboard. Finally, add loops of tape the back of the door and hinge side then smooth down to the cardboard.  The door will open easier if you score the back of the cardboard along the line of the hinge side of the door.

shingled-1 shingled-4

Score the cardboard along the top of the door panel without cutting all the way through.  Be sure the cardboard bends.  Next, add the roof panel.  Locate the bottom of the shingles and trim with scissors to show off the scalloped edge.  When taping it to the cardboard, slightly overlap the bottom of the shingles over the top of the door panel so when it bends back the shingle will give the appearance of hanging over the edge.  Use loops of Mavalus Tape to stick the shingle panel to the cardboard.  There will be a strip of cardboard along the top to remove as well.

shingled-5  shingled-l-length-wise  shingled-angle

Next, find the center of the top edge of the shingle panel by measuring over 24 inches.  Draw a line from that point to the bottom corner on each side.  It should look like a triangle.  Cut along that line and remove the excess shingles and be sure to score that line to bend the cardboard back.

shingled-door img_2370-1

Repeat this method when adding the window panel and roof panel for the second piece of cardboard.  Cut out the window portion.


Lay the two panels side by side face down in the ground.  Tape long the seam to connect the panels together.  Bring the points of the roof together and tape the folded edges together to keep the roof peak secure without adding any back panels.

Cut apart individual shingles from the scrap pieces of roof then add them along the seam starting at the bottom and overlapping slightly as you work up the seam.

Add a light to the inside of the clubhouse, curtains, telescope and a back panel if preferred.


Additional information

Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 3 in
Shingled Roof Clubhouse

Shingled Roof Clubhouse (4 panels), Shingled Roof Inside Panels (2 panels), Shingled Clubhouse Bundle


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