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Factory Scene Bundle 


This is a perfect way to create the factory scene with no painting.  The Overhead Factory Chains are eight-feet-long and two sets come on one adhesive panel (4′ x 8′). 

The Factory Scene Bundle includes: 

  • Two Overhead Factory Chains (4’x 8’) 
  • Nine large colorful gears (blue, purple, orange) 
  • $ 127.97



The factory gears are sold in sets of three with three gears per panel.  This is a total of nine gears.  Stick the gears to the cardboard (4’x 4’) and cut them out.  You can also cut the paper with scissors and stick them directly to the wall since they can easily be removed without damaging the wall. 

Simply, stick the large adhesive panel to a sheet of cardboard or foam construction panel. Begin the application by pulling the adhesive backing about six inches and sticking it to the cardboard.  Reach under the panel and continue pulling the backing as you smooth the paper to the cardboard.  Gently pull up and reapply if any air bubbles or wrinkles appear.  The process is easy and quick with no paint brushes to clean.  Cut out the items and hang in your scene.  It’s easy! 

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 48 in


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