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The Plinko Board


This game is a long time favorite, and should be fun to play in the classroom or from the stage at VBS, camp, or with adult workers. 
The Plinko Board is simple to create but requires some assembly.  The add-on parts are along the bottom of the panel.  After adhering the sticker to the foam board, cut away the bottom pieces and trim the edges. Please see our demonstration page to learn how these colorful panels easily mount to the foam board. Next, cut apart each of the pieces and add them to the board with Mavalus Tape.  I chose to use sharp pencils to be the pegs but after the holes are punched through the foam board you might prefer to add dowel pegs instead. 
Large checkers from another game works well but any disk like a yogurt lid will work just fine.  If a lid does not fall easily for you, tilt the board more or add weight by taping coins on the lid.  Hot glue two lids together to become the weighted disk.  You can lean the board again the wall or set a table up on the end to be the prop for the board. 
Let the fun begin!!! 


The Plinko game is always such fun and fast to play if allowing several to take a turn.  The point value at the bottom could even be changes by adding a Post-It note to says prizes like candy or funny actions like walk around the room like a chicken, or sing a solo of Happy Birthday.  Maybe at camp it could be take out the trash or clean the toilets.  Enjoy the uses of this game! 

This product includes one sticker pinko board.

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 5 × 5 in


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