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Hey Mr. Mark,

I have always used the same curriculum for our Sunday mornings. Right now I am realizing that we are not making good use of them and they are very expensive. I am considering other publishers. Do you have any recommendations?



Dear Frustrated,

This is a tough question because I am also looking to make a change and it is time to order for the fall.  I have asked many children’s ministers about their choice for curriculum and heard a multitude of answers.  Some have moved outside of Southern Baptist and switched back while others told me they have switched a few times but it was making her workers crazy and even lost a worker.

Here is what I did…

I chose to stay with Southern Baptist (LifeWay) for the doctrinal security.  I took the past six months to teach a third grade class and later a three year old preschool class each of the three curriculum choices.  Here is what I am ordering for the fall:

  • Preschool– Explore the Bible because it provided good written ideas that were age appropriate and not weird. It looks easy enough for new teachers but foundational enough for an experienced teacher to appreciate.  It begins a new cycle moving through the Bible in the fall.
  • Children– The Gospel Project because the material was age appropriate and provided Bible skill development games and reasonable activities the kids enjoyed. For those interested in video, it is provided.  It will begin a three year cycle in the fall and teaches chronologically through the Bible beginning with Creation.  Weekly, it will always refer back to Jesus and salvation.  The pictures are animated but I like them better than what is provided in our current material.

I wish I could be comfortable enough to have both preschool and children in the same curriculum line but that was not possible.  I hope this helps as you move forward.  I hope I am pleased with my own choices.  After spending the time I have invested, I feel like I can tell my teachers this is a good move for now and they can trust me enough to try.

Good Luck!

Mr. Mark

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