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A Great Idea for Blocks:

Using real photos to make signs for blocks activities will provide interesting experiences for boys and girls in this learning center. Photograph familiar traffic signs such as signs to remind people to stop, yield, and to observe railroad crossings, crosswalks, and handicapped parking spaces.

Include photographs of restaurants, shopping places, and businesses.activities


What to Gather:

  • camera
  • photos of familiar traffic signs
  • photos of familiar places to eat and shop
  • photos of places such as banks, churches, and schools
  • masking tape
  • wooden blocks


Put It Together

  1. Gather close-up photos of familiar signs. Use masking tape to attach the photos to small blocks.
  2. Display the signs in the blocks center. (See illustration.)
  3. Encourage preschoolers to use the blocks to construct buildings to match the signs.
  4. Suggest building parking lots or parking spaces for some of the businesses.

Teaching Tips:

  • Enjoy watching a child as he recognizes a familiar sign. Listen as he mentions the place and things he does with his family.
  • Use the Bible verse God will be with you (Genesis 48:21) to help a child understand that God will be with him. As a preschooler understands this Bible truth, he can help others in his family¬† know what the Bible says.

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