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* Assemble ready-to-go packs for the homeless. Fill brown paper lunch sacks with water bottles, wipes, non-perishable snacks, wash cloths, and an encouraging card and perhaps a couple of dollar bills or fast food gift card. Keep these in your car at all times so when you come upon a homeless person, you can have a pack ready to offer them.


* Bake goodies for a hurting friend or neighbor. Learning early on to offer comfort to hurting or sick friends will help your kids become more compassionate and more aware of hurting souls around them while helping change the world, one person at a time.

* Begin a prayer ministry. A six year old brought a notebook to church recently to collect prayer requests. What a great ministry! Kids can collect prayer requests from friends, church members, and family in person or by email and commit to praying for them each day or on certain days of the week.


* Secretly adopt a family. Choose a family to adopt for the year and find little ways to anonymously bless them. Offering to babysit, sending gifts on the holidays, bringing dinners, having them over for fun times, and sending a grocery gift card are just some of the ways you can bless your adopted family.


* Put together a program for a nursing home. Can your kids perform a song, a skit, or play an instrument?  Many of these homes have activity directors that put on simple parties and gatherings for residents. See how your family can help!


* Bless those who regularly serve others. Bring breakfast to your Sunday school teacher, offer to wash your worship leader’s car, present a prayer warrior with a hand-decorated journal, bring the church secretary hand-picked flowers, make cookies for your teacher, local fire station, or veterans group .


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