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Here we are in 2013 and everyone is wishing me a Happy New Year.  Yes, I’m all for happiness but I have a problem.  Since we promoted kids in August and started a new Sunday School year, I still don’t have workers for one of my classrooms.  I have called many people and have heard from one husband, “Don’t call my wife again, she’s taking a break;” to which I agreed. 

Finding subs has been a hassle and I find myself questioning God, “Why can’t I find teachers for this class?”  So I am revisiting some steps to enlisting leaders for encouragement and thought I would share them with you.  I’m sure you have all the workers you need but here’s the list anyway:

1. Pray. Seek God’s guidance.  Ask Him for the person to fit the needed ministry position.  Pray for the person even before you make the first contact.

2. Make a phone call to set up a time to meet in person. Don’t ask in the church hallway unless you want to be avoided like the plague.

3. Be prepared to share written information about the class including written characteristics about the age group they will be teaching.  Provide a leader guide and class roll.

4. Discuss honestly the qualifications and the expectations for the leadership position.

5. Explain the process of screening leaders for the protection of the children.

6. Keep the meeting brief but allow time for questions.

7. Pray together.

8. Leave your contact number and information so you can be contacted easily.

9. Invite the leader to assist and observe during a session before making a decision.

10. Set a date to follow up.

11. Send a note, thanking the potential leader for her time and consideration.  Assure her that you are praying for her.

12. Follow up as planned.

13. Accept the answer.  If yes, set a start date and provide encouragement, training and support.  If no, accept the answer graciously.  You don’t want her to accept then rarely show-up or quit in a few weeks.  If the person says no,  it might be the beginning of a process that God will call that person in time.


These are some good healthy tips.  What other ideas would you add?


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