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  • Spoons (Metal or clear plastic)
  • Small White items such as:
    • Jumbo pom poms
    • Cotton balls
    • Feather
    • Ping Pong ball


Place the metal spoons in the freezer to get them cold.

Optional: Write the books of the Bible (from a certain division) or the words of a Bible verse on ping pong balls or prepare a sheet with the words from a Bible verse.


Form relay teams. Give each team a cold spoon and a “snowflake.”

Instruct team members to run around the room or to a designated spot and then return back to their next team and hand off the spoon and snowflake to the next person. If the snowflake drops, the child needs to start again.

Variation: The team should arrange all of the ping pong balls in order once they have all been gathered. Or for second variation after each trip around the room have children cover each word of the verse on the prepared sheet with a snowflake.

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