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Items needed:  pool noodles, hot glue gun, duct tape.

Cut the pool noodles about 12”-14”.  Glue four together with hot glue gun.  Make several passes with hot snowshoesglue to insure that the noodles adhere very well.  Cut a piece of duct tape the width of the snowshoe.  Lay it sticky side up across the shoe.  Now cut a piece approx. twice the width of the snowshoe.  Place the first shorter piece in the middle of the longer piece, sticky sides together.  This leaves both ends sticky so you can wrap them around the  shoe.  You now have a duct tape strap to slide a foot under.

You know the chant “We’re going on a Bear Hunt?”  If not, search for it on YouTube.  Adapt it to your bible story.  Ex:  “We’re going on a manna hunt” “ we’re walking across the desert” “Where’s our food?”  (use phrases in order from your story, kids echo you.)


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