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Prepare the game:  Write the books of Paul’s Letters and General Letters on ping pong balls.  Use all one color or mix the colors to create a little challenge.

Write “Paul’s Letters” on one paper plate and “General Letters” on a separate plate.


Place the ping pong balls in a separate container to be sorted.

What to Do: Provide spoons or chopsticks for teams to use while sorting.  Consider using straws to suck and move the ping pong ball for extra challenge.  Could be very funny!

Review the books of New Testament Letters.

Teams of four players are given two minutes with the chopsticks to move the ping pong balls to the correct plate.  When time is up, count the correct books placed.  Give each team a turn and record their scores to determine the winning team.

*Note– Younger players may need to use spoons.

Alternate idea:

Relay race– The  teams can carry the ping pong ball across the room and place it in the correct plate within the designated amount of time or until every ball is gone.

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