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  • 50 x 30 world map,map 1
  • cardboard mailing tube (We used an old VBS tube. Make sure it has end plugs so you can store your dry erase markers inside),
  • laminator,
  • clear packing tape,
  • a 20 oz solo cup,
  • duck tape,
  • sharpie,
  • scissors,
  • dry erase markers
  1. I trimmed the map edging from the 30” side to 27 ½” so it would fit into our laminator.
  2. I ran the map through the laminator twice (slow speed) to make it thick and tough. Leave a 6” tail on the end to attach the map to the cardboard tube.
  3. Cut a length of clear packing tape and place on the 27 1/2” edge to secure the map to
    the tube.
  4. Cut the top edge (3/4”) carefully from the Solo Cup and cover it with Duck Tape. This ring will hold the map secure to the tube when it’s rolled up.
  5. Use the Sharpie to label the ring “Preschool,” “Ms. Debra’s Class,” or “Mission Friends” so everyone willmap 2
    know who’s classroom it belongs to (We can have up to four different classes using one room, this is important!).

Now it’s easy to store. The map can be laid out on the floor or on a table and you can write on it with the dry erase markers.
Remove the end caps and insert the dry erase markers so they will be handy!

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