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Guiding young children to recognize the name of Jesus and learn to spell Jesus’ name provide opportunities to teach Bible skills. A large metal drip pan, available at auto parts stores or auto departments in other stores, is a good resource for activities. Consider sharing this idea with parents and grandparents for activities at home.(Puzzles/Manipulatives–Learning Center)

What to Gather:name

  • large metal drip pan, masking tape, scissors
  • name cards: J-e-s-u-s printed on card stock
  • letter tiles
  • magnetic letters in different colors/sizes*
  • sticky notes to print J-e-s-u-s
  • paper, washable markers to spell J-e-s-u-s

*If magnetic letters are not available, print several sets of letters on card stock or paper using a computer or marker.

Put It Together

Place the drip pan on a table. Cut masking tape to create nine sections on the drip pan. Use card stock to make name cards; print J-e-s-u-s on the cards. Place a card in each section of the drip pan. Arrange the different materials on the drip pan to use for spelling Jesus’ name. (See illustration.) Invite boys and girls to use the different letters to spell Jesus’ name. Some children may choose to use the paper and markers to spell Jesus’ name. Remind boys and girls that the Bible tells us about Jesus.  Teaching Bible truths helps children to Grow in what you know about Jesus. (2 Peter 3:18).

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