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One way that preschoolers learn is through curiosity.  Salad spinners are great for a curious art project.  I hope your preschool department has a salad spinner but if not, just bring one from home.  It will wash!


  • Salad spinner
  • Small dessert plates (Non-glossy if possible)
  • Paint
  • Eye droppers
  • Tape


  1. Write the child’s name on the back of a small plate or circle-shaped paper before starting.
  2. Tape the small plate or paper in the bottom of the salad spinner. 
  3. Invite the preschooler to use the eye droppers to drop a paint color on the plate. Choose a second color to add if desired.
  4. Place the lid on the spinner bowl and show the child how to spin it. 
  5. After a few spins, remove the lid and allow the child to see the design and add another color if they want. 
  6. Repeat this process until artwork is completed.



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