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It is great to hear from so many people who have already downloaded the free book “Ideas Gone Wild: Holiday Edition.”  I had my monthly workers meeting and showed my teachers the book and many items featured in the book.  We even made several things and played some games together.  Think about using it in your next worker’s meeting.

Be sure to send a note or email to all your teachers and encourage them to sign up for the new book.  Let me know if you are signed up and having trouble downloading the book.  Reply to this email to let me know.  Do you like the book?

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Scoop and Pour Grain

Pour barley, oatmeal, or other grain in a square plastic container. Set the container on a table or a drop cloth on the floor. Add a few small scoops, plastic cups, and measuring spoons. As children explore the grain, scooping and pouring it, talk about the Bible story. Emphasize how God helped the people.


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