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A Great Idea for (Art Center):

Art activities during the spring provide opportunities to use pastel colors and materials to interest preschool boys and girls in cutting, drawing, gluing, and painting.spring.png

Teaching about springtime can be included on any Sunday during this season.

What to Gather:

  • Bible
  • small divided plastic tote
  • paper plates
  • pastel index cards, paper, sticky notes
  • pastel crayons and pencils
  • pastel small pom-poms, buttons, foam shapes
  • nature stickers
  • glue, scissors, transparent tape

Put It Together

Collect items to fill the sections of the plastic tote.  Fill the plastic tote with the art materials. (See illustration.)

Use paper plates for creating collages. Guide a child to print his name on a paper plate before using the materials. The paper plates work well for collages because they are heavier than paper and easy for a child to use.

As the children work, talk about colors in the materials. Ask a child to name things they see in the spring that match the colors. Listen as a child tells about something he has seen that reminds him of springtime.

Open the Bible to Job 37:24 and read “Think of the wonderful things God made.” Pause to thank God for specific things the children have named.


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