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Seasonal activities can be interwoven in teaching plans on any Sunday morning. Springtime is a special time to remind boys and girls that God had a plan for seasons. Jeremiah 5:24 says, “God sends the spring [rain].”

I decided to use the drip pan to create a spring learning center with pastel colors and activity ideas. Enjoy gathering things to teach about spring and think about the wonderful things God made (Job 37:24).

Illustration for Spring Center

Supplies for Spring Learning Center:

  • metal drip pan (can be purchased from auto parts store or in the automotive department at Wal-Mart for about $10)
  • colored masking  tape, scissors
  • supplies for four sections of drip pan (See underlined items in Instructions  for each activity.)


1. Cut colored masking tape to divide the drip pan into four sections.

2. Arrange materials in the sections for a game, manipulatives, homeliving, and art. (See picture.)

Game: Fill a clear plastic bowl with pastel shredded paper. Hide puzzle pieces in the paper for a child to find, and then complete the puzzle.

Manipulatives: Provide pastel pom poms, chenille stems, and craft sticks for sorting, counting, and patterning activities.

Homeliving: Consider using play dough with muffin pan  and pastel paper muffin liners or with pastel cookie cutters for butterfly and flowers.  The pastel silicone baking cups will be something new to try with play dough.

Art: Use a plastic tote for spring art supplies such as pastel-colored  paperindex cards and sticky notes; pastel crayons and pencils; pastel small pom poms, sticky foam shapes, and curly ribbon; nature stickers.

Teaching Tips

  • Guide a child to choose a section; explain the choices for activities.
  • Limit the center to four children at one time. The space could be expanded by using only two sections at one time. Include cleanup time in the plans.

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