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A Great Idea for (Manipulatives Center):

Gather a variety of spring-colored items to place on a table to provide opportunities for counting, patterning, and sorting activities. (See illustration.)

Remind boys and girls that God made them to do many things. Say:  You are wonderfully made. “ (Psalm 139:14)spring.png

What to Gather:

  • Bible
  • divided paper plates
  • pastel pom poms, different sizes
  • pastel chenille stems, craft sticks

Put It Together

Stack the paper plates on the table. Initiate conversation about springtime and things that God made for people to enjoy. Identify the items on the table. Give instructions for the activity such as:

  1. Work together to separate the colored pom poms by colors, using a paper plate for each color. Tip: Place a different color in plates to start the sorting.
  2. Choose a paper plate to use for sorting items. Create a pattern in the large section of your plate using different colors of pom poms.
  3. Count 12 pom poms to put in a section of the plate. Count 6 craft sticks for a
  4. section.
  5. Use the chenille stems to make a shape such as a letter in your name.



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