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Prepare magnetic springtime puzzles to use on a metal drip pan.


Feature one Bible verse for the puzzles, using

different clip art, photographs, or pictures for each puzzle.

Think about the wonderful things

that God made (Job 37:14).



Supplies for Spring Puzzles for Drip Pan:

  • metal drip pan (can be a purchased from an auto parts store or in the

automotive department at Wal-Mart for about $10.)

  • 6 different pastel colors—card stock or other paper
  • magnetic tape/scissors (Buy  a roll of magnetic tape and cut into

pieces as needed.)

  • clip art (from computer), photographs, or pictures to illustrate
    “wonderful things God made.”





1. Print the Bible verse on the colored paper. Laminate the paper before

cutting into puzzle pieces.

2. Cut each Bible verse page into puzzle pieces. (See illustration.) Mix

the puzzle pieces and place in large zip-lock bag.

3. Make another set of the Bible verse pages. Use these pages

to show a child the picture before working the puzzle. The Bible

verse pages can also be used for other activities.

Teaching Tips:

  • Place the bag of puzzle pieces on the table with the drip pan.
  • Guide children to separate the puzzle pieces by colors. When the

pieces are separated, talk to the children about working the puzzles on

the drip pan. Describe using magnetic tape to make the pieces stick to the

metal pan.

  • Show copies of the Bible verse pages to help a child know how the

completed puzzle will look.

  • Read the Bible verse.  Talk about wonderful things God made.
  • As a puzzle is completed, call attention to the illustration to see something God made.




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